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Geomembrane Welding

Geomembrane Welding - Achieving Reliable Seams for Long-term Containment Integrity

Geomembranes provide a continuous barrier for fluid and vapor containment across applications like landfill liners, mining heaps, ponds etc. The key to realizing their full performance lies in proper joining of adjacent liner panels through welding processes.

Flawed welding can lead to weakened seams, leakage points and compromised liner integrity. As leading geomembrane experts, we provide specialized welding services using advanced equipment and internationally accredited procedures.

Importance of Waterproof Seams

Geomembranes are deployed in strips and carefully aligned to minimize overlaps. The parallel edges need to be firmly fused to form impermeable, durable seams:

  • Prevents any fluid transmission through the welded joints
  • Provides seam strength often exceeding the parent material strength
  • Accommodates liner expansion/contraction due to temperature changes
  • Withstands applied loads and soil stresses across the seam
  • Ensures the geomembrane acts as a continuous barrier throughout its design life

High weld quality is also crucial for passing strict leakage tests during liner commissioning.

Welding Options for Different Geomembranes

The welding process is selected based on the liner polymer:

Thermal Welding

  • Wedge Welding: For polyolefin liners like HDPE, LLDPE. Uses friction heat and pressure for strong bonds.
  • Hot Air Welding: Typically for PVC liners. Employs focused hot air and adjustable speed/temperature settings.

Chemical Welding

  • Solvent Welding: Bonding of adjoining EPDM or CSPE rubber liners using liquid solvent solutions.

High Frequency Welding

  • Dielectric Welding: Molecular vibration and fusion from HF energy. Used for sensitive liners like PP, PB.

Our crew is trained and certified in all leading geomembrane welding techniques.

Stringent Welding Protocols

To achieve consistently strong, impermeable field seams our welders ensure:

  • Edge preparation by abrasion and cleaning using alcohol for maximum adhesion
  • Usage of calibrated, automated welding equipment for parameter control
  • Maintaining adequate temperatures, speeds, pressure as per manufacturer standards
  • Executing continuous welds without gaps or skips between segments
  • Ensuring sufficient overlap distance between liner edges
  • Avoiding folds or wrinkles along the welding path
  • Visual examination for defects followed by peel or shear testing
  • Destructive testing on sample welds to validate weld strength
  • Making repairs to any identified flaws for 100% integrity

Why Choose Us?

Our geomembrane welding services deliver proven results based on:

  • 25+ years experience in welding all major geosynthetic liner types
  • Certified and trained welders following stringent protocols
  • Usage of advanced welding equipment like wedge welders, extruders, hot air machines
  • Availability of in-house destructive and non-destructive testing facilities
  • Stringent cleaning, surface preparation and edge alignment prior to welding
  • Continuous inspection and testing along every meter of weld length
  • Documentation including WPS, welding logs and test reports
  • Timely completion of projects to avoid delays
  • High business ethics, transparency and customer satisfaction

For reliable, high-strength geomembrane seams, trust our certified welding services. Get in touch with our experts!

Small Pond Liner

Small Pond Liners – Cost-Effective Solutions for Decorative Water Features

Small backyard ponds and fountain features enhance outdoor landscapes. However, improper construction using concrete, plastic sheets or clay can lead to cracks, leaks and rapid deterioration. The optimal choice is to deploy high quality small pond liners that reliably retain water for years.

As leading pond lining experts, we offer a range of small pond liner options that balance performance and affordability.

What Constitutes a Small Pond?

Small ponds are typically defined as water features less than 1000 sq.ft in base surface area. This includes:

  • Table top fountains and wall fountains
  • Small koi ponds and lily ponds
  • Garden ponds with dimensions under 25 ft. x 25 ft.
  • Shallow ponds with water depth less than 3 ft.
  • Structures like streams and waterfall basins
  • Decorative pools in home gardens, hotels, offices etc.

Lining materials need to be flexible and easy to install in these constrained spaces.

Types of Small Pond Liners

We supply the following options suited for small ponds:

  • LLDPE: Lightweight HDPE ideal for decorative ponds. Low cost, good life expectancy.
  • PVC: Budget liner for temporary ponds, streams etc. Limited durability.
  • EPDM: Premium rubber liner for permanent small ponds. Highest longevity.
  • Pre-formed: Pre-shaped liners for round above-ground ponds. Easy installation.

Thickness varies from 0.5mm to 1.5mm based on project requirements. We recommend the appropriate grade for optimal functionality and value.

Professional Small Pond Liner Installation

Our experienced crews ensure flawless deployment following best practices:

  • Site preparation using sand and geotextile cushioning layers
  • Precise liner placement to minimize folds and creases
  • Bonding/welding parallel liner sheets for waterproof seams
  • Trimming excess material for conformance to pond geometry
  • Anchoring top liner edges in perimeter trenches
  • Adding protection layer against accidental damage
  • Testing for leakages and repairs to ensure 100% water tightness

The right techniques and QA/QC give reliable performance for years.

Why Choose Us?

We are the preferred experts for small pond liners based on:

  • Over 25 years of experience in waterproofing ponds across UAE
  • Ability to fabricate custom small pond liners in LDPE, PVC and EPDM
  • Guidance from certified technicians on product selection and specifications
  • Usage of suitable welding and testing equipment
  • Availability of trained installers for fast, efficient deployment
  • Assistance with liner maintenance and repairs over lifespan
  • Timely fabrication and installation even on short notices
  • Cost-effective liner solutions without compromising on quality

For guaranteed water retention in small decorative ponds, rely on our proven liner solutions. Get in touch with us today!

HDPE Pond Liner

HDPE Pond Liners - The Optimal Waterproofing Solution for Durable Ponds

Maintaining water quality and levels in ponds can be challenging in hot, dry climates due to high evaporation losses and risks of contamination. The key to keeping ponds filled and enabling healthy aquatic life is proper waterproofing using pond liners. While materials like PVC, LDPE and butyl rubber offer temporary solutions, HDPE pond liners provide maximum long-term reliability.

HDPE or High Density Polyethylene liners demonstrate unparalleled durability of 50 years and more. As the preferred experts, we provide and install premium Carthage Mills HDPE pond liners for permanent water tightness.

Why HDPE is Ideal for Pond Liners

HDPE possesses a unique set of properties that make it highly suitable for pond lining applications:

  • Extremely low water permeability coefficient of 10-13 cm/sec
  • High tensile strength exceeding 15MPa to withstand pressure
  • Puncture resistance above 600N for protection from sharp underlying objects
  • Broad chemical resistance against acids, alkalis, oils, solvents etc. found in ponds
  • Temperature tolerance from -50°C to 80°C
  • Resilience to UV radiation, biological and environmental stressors
  • Thermoplastic nature enabling strong welded seams between sheets
  • Good friction coefficient preventing liner displacement
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxic for aquatic life

These characteristics translate to maximum water tightness and structural stability for decades.

Range of HDPE Pond Liner Grades

We offer Carthage Mills HDPE pond liners in a range of thickness:

  • 0.75mm - For smaller decorative ponds
  • 1mm - Most popular for large ponds, aquaculture sites
  • 1.5mm - Heavy duty, reinforced liner for critical projects
  • 2mm - Extreme puncture resistance for ponds with high risks

Carthage Mills provides proprietary formulations blending the optimal resin grade with advanced additives for enhanced lifespan.

Professional Installation

As accredited Carthage installers, we undertake complete HDPE pond liner deployment:

  • Site preparation: addition of protective sand layers
  • Controlled placement of liner panels to minimize folds and creases
  • Joining adjacent liners through thermal welding to form impermeable seams
  • Securing perimeter liner edges in buried trenches to retain shape
  • Trimming liner along the pond edges for precision conformance
  • Pressure testing and spark testing for identifying installation defects
  • Repairing leaks through patching for 100% water containment

Our trained crews use factory-approved procedures for fail-safe installation.

Why Choose Us

We are recognized as the leading Carthage HDPE pond liner experts owing to:

  • Exclusive partnership with Carthage Mills for guaranteed product quality
  • Experience of over 500 successful HDPE pond lining projects
  • Offer tailor-made fabrication in custom lengths and widths
  • Guidance from Carthage certified technicians for optimal recommendations
  • Availability of advanced welding and testing equipment
  • Skilled manpower to handle liners of any size and complexity
  • Assistance with maintenance, inspections and repairs over lifecycle
  • Timely liner delivery and installation even for rush projects
  • Competitive pricing without compromising on product standards

For durable, leak-proof ponds that retain water through the years, trust our Carthage Mills HDPE lining solutions. Get in touch with our team today!

Large Pond Liner

Large Pond Liners - Reliable Waterproofing Solutions for Big Pond Construction

Ponds and lakes are a beautiful landscape feature for homes, gardens, resorts and public spaces. However, as the size increases beyond 1000 sqft, lining the water body becomes challenging owing to extensive liner dimensions and the need for reliable water retention.

Large ponds have higher loads, greater soil/water pressure and risks of leakage. They require reinforced, robust pond liners that provide complete impermeability across the vast surface area.

As leading pond lining experts, we supply and install high performance large pond liners made from HDPE and premium EPDM rubber for guaranteed water tightness.

Selection Criteria for Large Pond Liners

Key factors to consider when choosing large pond liner materials include:

  • Ability to fabricate custom-sized liners in very long sheet lengths
  • Higher thickness/reinforcement for enhanced puncture resistance
  • Superior tensile strength to withstand water loads and pressure
  • Multi-directional flexibility to adapt to base contours
  • Stable seam joints between adjoining liner sheets through welding/bonding
  • Longevity of 50 years and more
  • Track record of previous successful large pond installations

Reputed brand liners like Carthage Mills HDPE and KOE EPDM rubber meet these stringent performance requirements.

Range of Large Pond Liner Options

We offer the following lining solutions for ponds above 1000 sqft:

  • Heavy-duty 1.5mm to 2mm HDPE liners
  • 1mm reinforced HDPE with geotextile backing
  • 1.14mm and 1.52mm KOE EPDM rubber liners
  • Custom-fabricated aluminum-shielded 1.14mm KOE EPDM

The technical team advises on the ideal product based on pond dimensions, depth, usage, load conditions etc.

Professional Large Pond Liner Installation

Our experienced crews ensure flawless liner deployment following stringent protocols:

  • Site preparation: addition of protective sand/geotextile layers
  • Controlled liner placement from edge to eliminate folds
  • Seam welding for waterproof joints between consecutive liner panels
  • Perimeter anchoring of excess liner material in trenches
  • Trimming along the pond perimeter for precision fit
  • Layering sand and geotextile over liner for protection
  • Spark testing welds & ELL survey for leakage detection
  • Repairing identified defects and retesting for 100% water tightness

The right methodology, equipment and QA/QC give consistently reliable results.

Why Choose Us?

We are the preferred experts for large pond liners based on:

  • 25+ years experience in successfully executing big pond projects
  • Ability to fabricate very large custom-sized liners in HDPE and EPDM
  • Guidance from certified installation technicians for best practices
  • Usage of advanced tools like seam testers, spark testers, core cutters etc.
  • Availability of trained and experienced manpower for fast execution
  • Assistance with liner maintenance and repairs over lifespan
  • Timely delivery and completion even for rush projects
  • Competitive pricing without compromise on quality

For flawless waterproofing of large ponds, fountains and artificial lakes, trust our tried and tested large pond liner solutions. Get in touch today for site survey and quotation.

Koe Pond Liner

KOE Pond Liners - Premium Quality EPDM Liners for Long-lasting Ponds

Constructing ornamental ponds and water features is an excellent way to enhance outdoor landscapes. However, improper pond construction using traditional materials like concrete, bentonite or PVC can lead to major problems like water seepage, leaks, poor water quality and liner damage. This results in expensive repairs and liner replacement much before their actual lifespan.

The optimal solution is to use high performance KOE pond liners made from EPDM rubber. KOE liners provide complete impermeability and can easily last over 50 years even in harsh climatic conditions.

Benefits of KOE EPDM Pond Liners

KOE EPDM liners demonstrate the following advantages over conventional lining materials:

  • Superior Flexibility – Ability to stretch and adapt to contours, enabling quick installation.
  • Complete Impermeability – Zero water transmission even at welded seams ensures optimal water retention.
  • Superb Durability – Withstands effects of sun, rain water, frost and heat without degradation.
  • Excellent Puncture Resistance – Can resist impact from underlying sharp rocks or tree roots.
  • Long Lifespan – Properly maintained KOE liners can last over 50 years due to material stability.
  • Hassle-free Maintenance – Smooth surface limits algae buildup and makes cleaning easy.
  • Eco-Friendly – Made from non-toxic, safe components. Excellent for fish, aquatic life.
  • Reusability – Old KOE liner can be recycled and used as underlay for new liner.

Range of Pond Liner Thickness Options

KOE liners are available from 0.5 mm for smaller ponds through to 1.5 mm for heavy-duty water features:

  • 0.5 mm – Decrorative ponds, waterfalls, streams
  • 0.75 mm – Medium ponds, lily pools, reflecting pools
  • 1 mm – Large ponds with depth over 6 ft., aquaculture
  • 1.5 mm – Public ponds, aquaculture with high load conditions

Thicker liner grades have higher puncture resistance. KOE technical team can recommend the appropriate thickness as per specifications.

Professional Installation

As authorized KOE installers, we undertake complete liner deployment:

  • Site preparation by clearing and cushioning with sand layers
  • Controlled liner placement to minimize folds and creases
  • Precision trimming of liner as per pond geometry
  • Welded seams for impermeable joints between adjacent liner panels
  • Secured edges along perimeter anchor trench to retain shape
  • Protection layer over liner to avoid accidental damage
  • Testing for leaks and repairs to ensure water tightness

Our advanced tools, trained installers and stringent QA/QC ensure flawless installation for best performance.

Why Choose Us for KOE Liners?

Our company is recognized as a leading KOE liner provider owing to:

  • 25+ years of experience in installing high-end KOE liners for prestigious projects
  • Offer heavy-duty 1.14mm and 1.52mm liners for critical applications
  • Guidance from certified KOE technicians on product selection and specifications
  • Use genuine KOE accessories like tape, pipe boots, connectors and adhesives
  • Factory-authorized and trained installation crews adhering to KOE protocols
  • Fast turnaround even for cut-to-size liner fabrication and supply
  • Assistance with liner maintenance and prompt repairs over its lifespan
  • Transparent dealings and focus on customer satisfaction

For unmatched quality and durability, rely on our KOE pond liner solutions. Contact us today for a free quote!

Supply And Installation of Geomembrane, Pond Liner, Lake Liner, HDPE Liner In Dubai UAE

Complete Geomembrane and Liner Solutions Across UAE from Supply to Installation

With major infrastructure projects underway and a growing focus on water conservation, demand for containment solutions has increased across UAE. Geo-synthetics like geomembranes and liners play a vital role in comprehensive fluid management for industries and utilities.

As a leading geosynthetics supplier and installer, our company offers high-performance geomembranes and liners across all seven emirates for versatile applications.

Range of Products Offered

We supply an extensive range of geosynthetic materials including:

  • HDPE Liners: Durable, chemical resistant and versatile for applications like landfills, mining, fuel storage etc.
  • LLDPE Liners: Lightweight HDPE variant, for canals, decorative ponds and temporary containment.
  • PVC Liners: Budget pliant liners for small decorative ponds and secondary containment.
  • EPDM Liners: Rubber liners with 50+ years lifespan for various water containment applications.
  • Geomembranes: Low permeability geotextiles for fluid management across industries.
  • Bentonite Liners: Self-sealing clay liners for total water tightness.
  • Geocomposites: Multi-layered liners and drainage systems for enhanced performance.

We offer these geosynthetics in various grades, dimensions and configurations to suit every requirement and budget.

Applications Across UAE

Our geosynthetic solutions find usage across utilities like:

Water Management: Lining potable water tanks, canals, water reservoirs, artificial recharge structures etc.

Irrigation: Ponds, agricultural canal liners to minimize losses and improve water security.

Waste Management: Landfill liners, biogas containment, leachate collection systems.

Environment Protection: Lining oil storage lagoons, battery recycling sites, acid neutralization pits.

Aquaculture: Durable pond liners for fish, shrimp farming and ornamental hatcheries.

Construction: Waterproofing tunnels, basements, temporary site water harvesting.

Mining: Heap leach pads, tailing ponds, effluent treatment liners for mines.

Stormwater Control: Lining drainage channels, bioswales, temporary basins.

Decorative Ponds: Long-lasting, eco-friendly liners for resorts, hotels, golf courses.

Our team undertakes geosynthetic projects across the UAE including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah.

Professional Installation Services

We offer start-to-finish execution including surveying, design optimization, fabrication, specialized deployment and maintenance. Our stringent protocols during key installation activities include:

  • Surface preparation - compaction, levelling, clearing debris
  • Controlled liner placement for minimum folds and creases
  • Joining parallel sheets through thermal fusion or chemical bonding
  • Securing perimeter edges in buried anchor trenches
  • Adding cushioning and protection layers over installed liner
  • Conducting spark testing, air pressure tests for leak detection
  • Repairing identified defects with patches for 100% water tightness

Our experienced crews use advanced tools and internationally accredited techniques for fail-safe deployment. We also provide necessary after-sales support.

Why Choose Us?

Some key reasons to choose us as your geosynthetics partner:

  • Over 25 years of experience supplying and installing liners & geomembranes across UAE
  • Offer all leading liner brands along with our own-manufactured products
  • Possess advanced fabrication capabilities and installation equipment
  • Expert technical guidance for product selection and specifications
  • Successful track record across small to mega geosynthetic projects
  • High business ethics and transparency
  • Focus on quality, performance, timely execution and customer satisfaction
  • Comprehensive solutions from design through to after-sales service

For your next lining, containment or fluid management project anywhere in the UAE, connect with us today!

Lake Liner Suppliers In Dubai UAE

Trusted Lake Liner Suppliers in Dubai for Durable Water Containment

In the hot and arid climate of the UAE, artificial lakes have become an important water source for irrigation, recreation and aesthetics. However, the high rates of evaporation can result in declining water levels if the lakes are not lined properly. Lake liners play a crucial role in enabling sufficient water storage while preventing losses.

As a leading geosynthetics solutions provider, our company supplies high performance lake liners manufactured from advanced polymeric materials like HDPE, LDPE, PVC, EPDM etc. We offer a complete solution from liner supply, custom fabrication, professional installation and post-deployment maintenance.

Applications of Lake Liners

Our liners are designed to provide years of reliable containment across applications like:

  • Freshwater reservoirs for irrigation supply and drinking purposes
  • Retention ponds and artificial lakes in residential complexes, hotels and resorts
  • Decorative lakes in parks, gardens and golf courses
  • Temporary liners for water storage during construction projects
  • Lining of community ponds and artificial recharge basins
  • Aquaculture ponds and hatcheries to prevent water quality degradation
  • Preventing seawater intrusion in coastal freshwater lakes

We have worked on small ornamental lakes of under 1000 sq.ft. to large reservoirs spanning over 50 acres. Our technical team can advise on the appropriate liner solution for your specific requirements.

Key Properties of Our Lake Liners

Salient properties of our high quality lake liners include:

  • Extremely low permeability coefficient ensuring zero fluid transmission
  • High tensile and tear strength for structural stability under load
  • Multi-directional flexibility for ease of installation and conformity
  • Resistance to weathering including UV rays, temperature extremes and rainwater.
  • Stable performance for decades due to anti-aging additives
  • Neutral characteristics avoiding water pollution and safe for aquatic life
  • Ability to withstand freeze-thaw cycles without cracking
  • Robust puncture resistance against underlying sharp rocks or debris

We have a range of liners including HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, Polypropylene etc. suited for different performance parameters, lifespan and budget.

Professional Deployment of Lake Liners

Proper liner installation by our trained technicians ensures complete water tightness:

  • Site preparation by levelling, clearing debris and adding cushioning layers
  • Laying of the liner panels and fusion welding of seams for waterproof joints
  • Trimming the liner and securing edges in buried anchor trenches
  • Deploying protection layers over the installed liner
  • Carrying out spark testing over welds and ELL survey for leakage detection
  • Repairing identified defects and re-testing for 100% integrity

We provide necessary equipment and follow stringent protocols at every stage for consistent quality.

Why Choose Us as Your Lake Liner Partner?

Here are some compelling reasons to choose us for your artificial lake requirements:

  • We possess over 25 years of experience in supplying, fabricating and installing lake liners in UAE.
  • Our liners are sourced from world-leading brands and manufactured at ISO certified facilities.
  • We offer comprehensive solutions including geosynthetic accessories and professional deployment.
  • Our technical team provides guidance on product selection and specifications.
  • We specialize in custom liner sizing and fabrication as per your exact project dimensions.
  • Our installers are factory-trained and adhere to strict industry best practices for deployment.
  • We assist with liner maintenance and perform repairs to extend liner life.
  • Our robust QA/QC testing affirms product quality and installation effectiveness.
  • We are renowned for delivering successful lake lining projects on time and within budget.

For your next durable and impermeable lake lining solution, get in touch with our experts right away!

Geomembrane Welding

Geomembrane Welding - Achieving Reliable Seams for Long-term Containment Integrity Geomembranes provide a continuous barrier for fluid and v...